With the most accurate and reliable particle counters designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. Lighthouse has instruments with the longest available MTTF of greater than 20 years. This unmatched laser diode life is assurance that facilities producing sensitive drugs are correctly and accurately monitoring the environments where these life-sustaining products are produced. Lighthouse a name you can count on when it comes to such critical environmental monitoring.




For Airborne Contamination Monitoring:

  • The SOLAIR 3350 is a portable airborne particle counter with 100 LPM Flow rate and (0.3μm) sensitivity that samples a full Cubic Meter of Air in just 10 minutes.
  • The Remote 5104 is a Industry Standard Particle Counter with 2 or 4 particle channels, built in flow monitoring, laser and photo detector diagnostics.

For Facility and Process Monitoring

     The Lighthouse Monitoring System is the most fault tolerant enterprise wide monitoring system available.

For Water

     The Remote Liquid Particle Counter (RLPC) 1.5 is a Liquid Particle Counter with 2.0μm sensitivity designed for Purified and WFI water systems.

For Injections

     The LS-20 is a Liquid Particle Counter designed for meeting the requirements of USP 788, 789, 1788, EP, JP and other international pharmacopeias’, utilizing a built in Light Obscuration Sensor, Syringe Pump and stirring mechanism.