Implementation of a management plan for a OR

Is the process “Air Quality” in control at your OR?

     Lighthouse specializes in on-line registration of critical process parameters. For each facet of Contamination Control, we offer a solution.

     The OR monitoring system of Lighthouse is a compact monitoring system with full network support. It supports a wide range of instrumentation and can be customized to control and monitor special equipment. The OR monitoring system is developed and maintained by GAMP5 regulations and complies with FDA’s 21 CFR part 11. Lighthouse OR monitoring system gives you an insight into the process of your OR facility.

     The presentation of the readings is provided by a simple interface. This client application provides various network users, including the TD chief, Chief Hospital hygienist and the OR Chef, with the ability to manage and report the values behind his or her PC. After training every user can find his way in the OK monitor system. The system is delivered with associated validated IQ / OQ documents.

     Lighthouse can inform you about the possibilities to get an optimal result when it is about monitoring an OR.


Key features of the OR monitoring system:

– Local alarm option
– Web-based users
– User friendly
– Link to GBS
– SQL Database
– Software under GMP 
– 5 years data storage
– Audit trails
– Validation options


Monitoring of:

– OR 
– Temperature of supplied air 
– Return temperature
– Return relative humidity
– Particle counting in plenum
– Air velocity in plenum
– Particle counting 
– Microbiological sampling heads for equipment on the table
– Particle counting in the return channel 
– Microbiological sampling head in return channel 
– Pressure differences in OR 
– Doorway opening counts


Lighthouse also offers stand alone OR equipment:

– Airborne Particle Counter
– Microbiological Air Sampler
– Filter test equipment
– Temperature meters
– Relative humidity meter
– Air velocity meters
– Pressure differential meters
– Smoke generators for flow pattern visualization





In short: Lighthouse can take care of your whole OR monitoring