Incorporating the latest in laser optical particle counting technology, Lighthouse designed the REMOTE LPC 0.3μm liquid particle counter for continuous trouble-free operation.


     With a sensitivity of 0.3μm at a flow rate of 100 ml per minute, the REMOTE LPC 0.3μm provides real-time continuous data collection at a cost-effective price per point.


     These compact liquid particle counters provide versatile mounting options and can be installed where space is at a premium.


     The REMOTE LPC 0.3μm integrates seamlessly into large facility monitoring and management systems and transfers up to 2 channels of simultaneous particle count data using the LWS 4-20mA protocol.


Designed and built by Lighthouse – a name you can trust.

Lighthouse is an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company.



  • Size Range 0.3– 3.0 µm
  • 4 Channel Sizes
  • 100 ml per Minute Sample Flow Rate
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • LED Status Indicators
  • External Alarm Connector
  • RS-485 Modbus
  • Facility Monitoring System Interface
  • Compact Size
  • Designed for Reliability


  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Installs in Limited Space
  • Cost Effective Price Per Point
  • Easy System Integration
  • International Support
  • Low Cost of Ownership


  • Quantifying Particle Concentration in High Purity Water Systems
  • Filter Efficiency Particle Measurements
  • Trend Analysis at Lower Particle Concentrations
  • Episodic Particle Event Tracking and Alarming
  • Manufacturing Process Control
  • Continuous System Particle Monitoring
  • Process Bath Monitoring
  • DI Water Monitoring
  • Parts Cleanliness Testing
  • Water Quality Monitoring


 Size Range:  0.3 – 3.0 µm
 Channel Sizes:  Standard: 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1.0μm; 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0μm
 Laser Source:  Laser Diode
 Flow Rate:  100ml/min
 Calibration:  NIST Traceable
 Data Storage:  Rotating Buffer, 2000 Records
 Communication Modes:  RS-232 via RJ45 to PC, RS485/Modbus
 LED Indicators:  Power, Service, Sampling
 Supporting Software:  LMS Express, Express RT, LMSNet
 Concentration Limit:  4,000 counts/ml @ 5% Coincidence Error
 External Alarm Output:  Normal Open Dry Contact Rated 0 – 60v AC/DC 1 Amp
 Enclosure:  Stainless Steel
 Sample Inlet/Outlet Connection:  1/4” Flaretek™
 Sample Temperature:  32 - 302°F (0 – 150 °C)
 Sample Pressure:  150 PSI
 Wetted Surface Materials:  Quartz, PTFE, PFA
 Power:  24V DC
 Dimensions:  5.7"(L) x 5.2"(W) x 3"(H) [14.47 x 13.2 x 7.6 cm]
 Weight:  3.5 lbs (1.58 kg)

Environmental Conditions

 Operating:  50°F to 104°F (10°C to 40°C) / 20% to 95% non-condensing
 Storage:  14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C) / Up to 98% non-condensing



Operating Manual on CD; Power Supply; Micro90® cleaning solution; Sample Tubing; Cabling; cleaning brush


Printed Operating Manual; Network Adapter; Wireless Network Adapter; Flow Control device; Flaring Kit; Flare nuts; LPC Stand with Flow Meter mount; LPC Flowmeter - Aluminum; LPC Flowmeter - Teflon™ PFA; REMOTE Mounting Bracket; LMS Express, Express RT software; LMSNet software



     Please contact your local Lighthouse Sales Engineer for        additional chemical compatibility.