The NanoCount 25+ is the world's first 25 nanometer liquid particle counter. Based on our new state-of-the-art technology and built by Lighthouse, it is backed by intemational support.


     The NanoCount 25+ includes a built-in color display for viewing real time data and uses the industry standard MODBUS communication protocol. Integration info facility monitoring systems or use a stand-alone device is quick and easy.


     By incorporating Solid State Laser particle counting technology and designing for reliability, the NanoCount 25+ is intended for continuous trouble-free operation.


Designed and built by Lighthouse – a name you can trust.

Lighthouse is an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company.



  • 25nm Detection Limit
  • Channel Sizes - 25nm, 35nm, 100nm
  • Four Channels of Simultaneous Count Data
  • 30 mL per Minute Flow Rate
  • Built-in Color Touch Screen Display
  • <20 counts/Liter ZeroCount Rate
  • Interfaces with Existing Building Automation and Factory Management Systems
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Ethernet, RS-485 / MODBUS and four 4-20mA Analog Outputs
  • Integrated Manual Flow Control
  • USB Flash Data Download


  • Greater Statistical Process Control
  • Easy System Integration
  • International Sales and Service Support
  • 25nm sensitivity:
    • identifies water system issues that are otherwise "invisible" to 50nm-only counters;
    • eliminates noise or cosmic ray interference;
    • provides the visibility required for today's leading edge processes.


  • Deionized Water Monitoring
  • Process Qualification and Monitoring
  • Aqueous Parts Cleaning


 Size Range:  25 - 100nm
 Channel Sizes:  Standard: 25nm, 35nm, 50nm, 100nm
 Flow Rate:  30 ml/min
 Zero Count Level:  < 20 counts/Liter
 Laser Source:  Solid State Laser
 Calibration:  NIST Traceable
 Communication Modes:  Ethernet MODBUS TCP/IP. RS-232 via RJ45 to PC. RS-485 MODBUS
 Display:  TFT Color Touch Screen
 Concentration Limit:  200,000 counts/ml @ 5% Coincidence Error
 Enclosure:  Stainless Steel
 Sample Inlet/Outlet Connection:  1/4" Flaretek™
 Sample Temperature:  50 to 95°F (10 to 35°C)
 Sample Pressure:  75 PSI
 Wetted Surface Materials:  Quartz, Kel-F, Kalrez, Ryton, Epoxy, Glass, Sapphire and SS316L
 Communication Protocol:  Ethernet RS-485 MODBUS. four 4-20mAAnalog Outputs
 Power:  100-240 VAC
 Dimensions:  15.0" (w) x 12.0" (h) x 26.3" (d) [31.1 x 30.48 x 66.80 cm]
 Weight:  81.2 lbs (37.0 kg)

Environmental Conditions

 Operating:  50°F to 95°F (10°C to 35°C) / 20% to 95% non-condensing
 Storage:  14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C) / Up to 98% non-condensing



Operating Manual on CD; 10' Sample Tubing; Flow Cell Cleaning Solution and Brush; Cable; USB to RS485 Serial Adapter, LMS Express software
 Optional: Printed Operating Manual; Tubing