LMS XChange is designed for use with Lighthouse SOLAIR, BOULDER COUNTER and HANDHELD Particle Counters. Using LMS XChange, the user can download data collected on these instruments and display it in a table that can be saved to an Excel® or HTML file.


Instrument Download:

     Downloading data is as simple as clicking a button and following the instructions in the Data Download Wizard. LMS XChange will auto-detect Lighthouse instruments via an RS-232 COM Port connection.


     After downloading data, LMS XChange displays the serial number and model of the instrument, the date the data was downloaded, the data and whether particle data is differential or cumulative.



  • Easy Installation
  • Auto-Detects Lighthouse Instruments on COM Port
  • Uploads Alphanumeric Labels to Lighthouse Instruments
  • Downloads Data from Lighthouse Instruments
  • Displays Data Table
  • Displays Summary Statistics
  • Displays Data Using Location ID or Name
  • Prints the Data Table
  • Saves the Data to: Microsoft Excel® (*.xls) HTML (*.html, *.htm) or Comma Separated Value (*.CSV)
  • Uses Windows Regional Settings to Display Dates and Decimal Numbers


Data Table:

     Downloaded data is displayed in a table. Sum mary statistics will be calculated per channel and displayed at the bot tom of the table as Standard Deviation, Average, Maximum and Minimum data points.

     The user can choose to display or hide information about the instrument, the date and time, channel sizes, etc. 

     Information can be displayed as raw counts, normalized counts or both. It can be formatted with sample time, sample volume, location name and number columns.

     Data can be displayed in the Data Table as either Differential (default) or Cumulative data. Once changed from Differential to Cumulative, or visa versa, the Data Table immediately updates and displays the new data.