The MiniColt 4S has been designed for air flow testing, visualization tests and particle recovery work. It is a completely portable unit and has the ability to produce anything from a small wisp of artificial smoke to a large plume, on and off power.


     Pharmaceutical grade smoke chemical, stored in a one-piece aluminium canister is forced under pressure through the precision machined heat exchanger, where it is vaporised.


     The vapour condenses to form a “smoke” effect with a class-leading particle size (an order of magnitude smaller than most “conventional” smoke systems) which means that dense smoke can be achieved for a substantially lower concentration of chemical in the atmosphere.


     The high boiling range of the smoke chemical used results in an aerosol or smoke of exceptional persistency, so it remains visible for long periods.


     The resulting smoke has been analysed by independent laboratories to ensure that it is both non-toxic and non-flammable. Canisters re-seal after use, so no wastage occurs and part-used canisters can be utilised later.


     The artificial smoke from the MiniColt 4 can be ducted using optional ducting adaptors (to suit 25, 50 and 75mm ducting) enabling the smoke to be introduced into a restricted area, duct or fume cupboard very simply.


     The precision machined heat exchanger block within every MiniColt 4S is warrantied for life.



  • Stainless Steel Casing
  • Water based, non toxic smoke
  • Compact and Robust
  • Off power Capability
  • Persistent Smoke, remaining visible for long periods
  • Controllable smoke, remaining visible for long periods
  • Controllable smoke, from a small wisp to a large plume
  • Class-leading particle size 0.2 micron mmd
  • NATO codified



  • Life time warranty for precision machined heat exchanger block



  • Air flow visualization.
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing



The MiniColt 4S Portable Smoke System

GeneralSpecification Minicolt 4S
Size (cm) 33 x 15 x 19
Weight (kg) 5
Heat Exchanger (w) 1100
Power Supply 230vAC, 50-450Hz*
Optional 110vAC, 50-450Hz*
Warm up time from cold (min) 5
Durationof aerosol at max. output (min) 14
Smoke output (m3/min @ 1.5m visibility) 0 —125 fully adjustable
Smoke Particle diameter (micron, mmd) 0.2
Operation “Off Power” Yes