The VC Aero range of systems produces a consistent aerosol particle size and distribution throughout a wide range of pressures and are ideal for challenging HEPA filters to EN-ISO 14644-3 SectC.6.3 in the nuclear, pharmaceutical and clean room industries.


     The units can be configured to use Ondina EL (Concept SO 135), Ondina 919, Emery 3004 / Durasyn 164.


     The VC Aero incorporates a digital microprocessor controller with dual, 2 colour digital temperature (actual and target) display and PID control, self  diagnostic testing, switching via a solid state relay for optimum controllability and reliability.


     Aerosol from the VC Aero’s can be passed through flexible ducting if required using optional ducting adaptors (25mm, 50mm and 75mm available) and positive pressure fans if required. All units are supplied with a remote control.


* excludes cylinder and regulator



  • Particle size 0.2-0.5μm mmd
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Fully automatic self purge
  • Wide range of outputs
  • Splash Proof Switching
  • IP 65 Digital Microprocessor with PID control and self diagnostic testing
  • Machined heater block
  • Quick connect coupling to any size of inert gas bottle
  • 2kg “supalite” CO2cylinder and regulator supplied
  • Lifetime heater block warranty ( excludes cylinder and regulator


  • 10 year parts warranty (excludes cylinder and regulator
  • Lifetime heater block warranty (excludes cylinder and regulator


  • Nuclear Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Cleanroom Industrie


VC Aero Aerosol Generator

GeneralSpecification VC Aero 1300 VC Aero 5000
Size (cm) 25 x 19 x 44 55 x 19 x 44
Weight (kg) 13 20
Heat Exchanger (w) 600wor 1100w or 2200w 600wor 1100w or 2200w
Power Supply 230vAC,50-60Hz 230vAC,50-60Hz
Optional 110vAC, 50-60Hz 110vAC, 50-60Hz
Warm up time from cold (min) 4 4
Duration at max output before refill (minute) 112 (600w)
 40 (1100w)
 22 (2200w)
 407 (600w)
 145 (1100w)
 75 (2200w)
SmokeReservoir capacity (nominal ml)  1300 5000
Aerosol output(μg/sec)0.6kw
Aerosol output(μg/sec)1.1kw
Aerosol output(μg/sec)2.2kw
Smoke Particle diameter (micron,mass median) 0.2-0.25 0.2-0.25
Remote operation Included with every model Included with every modelSpecifications