The Air Trace is perfect for situations where a small amount of smoke is required for air tracing applications or in remote locations where no power is available. It is capable of producing a steady stream of smoke, if required for up to 10 minutes on a full battery or up to 1 hour, with the optional mains adaptor and dummy battery.


An extension pipe 200mm x 15mm bore is included to allow precise placement of the smoke.


The unit is very simple to operate, and makes smoke on demand, with no warm up time.


The ‘S’ variant, with a stainless steel cover, is primarily used in clean room applications.



  • Air Trace S smoke generator
  • Battery 12vDC
  • Recharger and Lead
  • Bottle of Smoke Fluid (500ml)
  • Extension Tube
  • Mains adaptor with dummy battery
  • Spare Lead Acid sealed battery
  • NiMH battery


  • Cleanroom test and certify
  • Biosafety cabinet test


AirTrace‘S’ Smoke System

GeneralSpecification (appox) AirTrace
Output 100 cubicfeet/minute
PowerConsumption 75 W
Tank Capacity 110 cc
Battery (supplied) 12V DC/2.3Ah
Consumption 2cc/min
Weight 2.7 kg.
Dimensions 227 x 66 x 81 mm.



  • Carrying case
  • Recharger Battery