Traditional Laskin nozzle and thermal aerosol generators are designed for use with photometers which commonly require 10µg/liter or greater of an aerosol challenge for leak testing/sizing. Concentrations of 10µg/liter are on the order of 100x greater than what is optimal for leak testing/sizing with a particle counter.


     For filter integrity testing using a particle counter, filters and filter systems typically require challenges in excess of six million particles (≥ 0.3µm) per cubic foot of air (2.1 x 108 per cubic meter) when leak sizing at a scan rate of 2”/sec. 


     Note: **six million particles (≥ 0.3µm) per cubic foot of air (2.1 x 108 per cubic meter) is approximately equivalent to 0.02 µg/liter of PAO


     Lighthouse aerosol generators are designed to work at a wide range of output levels in order of optimal particle challenge concentrations for testing small (100CFM and below) or large (up to 75,000 CFM) system with a single unit.



  • Very stable at low output levels as well as over the full output range
  • Adjustable nozzle pressures
  • Very low PAO (Polyalphaolefin) consumption with a fill volume of 250ml (8.4 oz)
  • Secondary low output nozzle incorporated for testing biosafety cabinets and small systems
  • Little to no liquid accumulation in outlet/sample tubing, duct work, filters or filter housings
  • Easy no-spill drain valve with safety lock
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Portable compressor pump included
  • Liquid level sight guage
  • Light weight for easy transportation
  • Quiet operation

Technical Specifications

  • Poly-dispersed aerosol output
  • 3/8” FNPT generator outlet connection
  • Aerosol output range capabilities 10-75,000 CFM (0.02 μg/liter**)
  • Stainless steel enclosure (8.0”W x 10.0”D x 10.0”H) 12lbs
  • Compressor (5.35”W x 7.68”D x10.92”H) 16lbs
  • Voltage 115VAC/60 Hz or 220-240VAC/50-60Hz available)


  • Filter Integrity testing
  • Filter efficiency testing