Cleanrooms are dynamic systems. People and goods are constantly in motion. Further installations, production lines and machines are from time to time adapted to the  fabrication of difference products. According to the relevant standard ISO 14644-3 Annex B7, the operators of cleanroom are obliged to give periodically evidence of the actual airflow situation by an airflow mapping basing on high purity water fog generators. 


The Lighthouse ultrasonic water fog generator system volcano with piezo technics based ultrasonic module, VP series system do provide a high volume, density and purity of for based on nothing else than pure water (deionized water or water for injecting). The water fog is generated by atomizing deionized water into micro water droplet fog. The generated fog is ultra-pure leaving almost no trace particles after its evaporation behind.



  • Maximum visualization distance 12 meters (volume108 M3)
  • Ultrasonic module with 12 piezos


  • Maximum visualization distance 15 meters (volume135 M3)
  • Ultrasonic module with 18 piezos


  • Maximum visualization distance 18 meters (volume162 M3)
  • Ultrasonic module with 24 piezos