Built on the core of the Lighthouse Monitoring System LMS, extends available data across the enterprise to provide a complete solution for network data access, data analysis and reporting. 


     The LMSNet system uses an architecture based on industry standard protocols. With LMSNet, sites always have a choice - they won’t be locked into any specific manufacturers’ proprietary technology or equipment. Data can be collected from virtually any type of sensor from almost any manufacturer and viewed by users from as close as the next office to as far away as the other side of the globe. Other systems and software can access LMSNet data directly using industry standard protocols such as ODBC.


LMSNet sites can:

- Collect data from one sensor on one Area Control Unit (ACU) or from thousands of sensors on a network of distributed Area Control Units.

- Allow a single user, or hundreds of users across a corporate network, access to data.

- Display graphs, charts, maps, real-time status, SPC and customized reports.

- Create very sophisticated graphs and SPC calculations with the Advanced Graphs module.

- Automatically notify the appropriate personnel via email, paging and popup windows when important events, alarms, or conditions occur.

- Publish LMSNet data to corporate intranets and the global internet while maintaining full control over the content and access to published data, by using the (optional) Lighthouse WebStation.


Designed and built by Lighthouse, a name you can trust.



  • Remotely Confi gurable and Manageable
  • Modular and Expandable
  • Customizable Data Display of Graphs, Charts, Real-Time Data, Maps, Reports & more...
  • Multiple Security Levels
  • Restorable Window Layouts per User or Group
  • Export Data to Spreadsheet & Graphic Programs
  • Automatic Report Generation to Printer or File
  • Enterprise Database and Data Management
  • Flexible Alarming, Including Multiple Alarm Levels
  • Email Notifi cation of Alarms, Warnings and Status Changes


  • Flexible Data Viewing and Reporting
  • Data Access and System Confi guration From Any Workstation
  • Designed to be Hardware Vendor-Neutral
  • Supports Several Manufacturers’ Instruments
  • Central Administration for Easy Installation, Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Built on Industry-Standard Protocols for Easy Training, Maintenance and Upgrade Paths


  • Airborne and Liquid Particle Count Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Aqueous Wash Monitoring
  • Airborne Molecular Contamination Monitoring
  • Cleanroom Contamination Monitoring in most Industries including Semiconductor, Data Storage, Biotech, Medical, Aerospace and Defense
  • Continuous Verifi cation and Certifi cation for Cleanrooms, Mini-environments and Environmental Quality
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Alarming
  • Total Facility Monitoring Integrated with Contamination and Environmental Data


Advanced Notifi cation:

Alarm Notifi cation and automatic performance of tasks related to data analysis and database

management, including:

• Notify users of events via:

• Numeric Paging

• Alphanumeric Paging

• Email

• Pop Up windows

• Generate hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports, charts, graphs or maps to a printer or a file

• Schedule automatic database archiving and on-line backups

• Schedule different users to be notifi ed at different dates and times

Advanced Analysis:

The Advanced Graphs module provides LMSNet with additional, powerful graphing

capabilities, including:

• Full customization of all aspects of the graph display

• Display any number of data points on a single graph

• View the data in new formats (histogram, dual graphs)

• Display customizable control lines

• Annotate events

• Mark and annotate data gaps

• Perform SPC calculations

Expansion Options:

Options are available to expand the capabilities of the LMSNet system to:

• Increase the number of users accessing the system

• Increase the number of system administrators for database maintenance and increase the number of user accounts

• Increase the amount of data that is collected by the system

Web Publishing:

     The Lighthouse WebStation option enables administrators to publish LMSNet system data which allows users to view the data via a web browser. LMSNet sites have complete control over who has access to their LMS web site, what data is published and how the published data is presented. Data may be published to any audience from a select group of local users to a Site’s customers or to the entire Internet.